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Climate + Psychology

For as long as I can remember I have felt affected by the state of the natural world. This ranges from the well-documented psychological benefits of spending time in nature to feelings of deep disappointment, compassion, and concern at the destruction of our environment.

More and more over the past few years I have been recognizing a calling to use my professional experience as a psychologist to do what I can to respond to the climate crisis we now face. Climate change is not just about the weather; the impacts of climate change have profound detrimental psychological consequences for people. I believe we must all do our part to respond to this urgent crisis. -Jon Gorman

Dr. Jon Gorman is an active member of Climate Psychology Alliance of North America and he is listed on the Climate Aware Therapist Directory. He is available to give talks on the psychological impacts of climate change and what to do about it. Dr. Gorman has testified in front of the Maryland General Assembly in support of climate legislation and his Letter to the Editor about climate legislation was published in The Baltimore Sun. He was also featured on the CPA-NA podcast, Climate Psychology Conversations. Dr. Gorman has been trained in Nature-Informed Therapy and Ecotherapy. Dr. Gorman's therapy office is listed on the Maryland Green Registry and he is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the office.

Experiencing Climate Anxiety?

Contact Us to find out how therapy with a trained Climate Aware Therapist can help

We are currently recruiting for the Climate Anxiety Support Group. See below for more information. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the Google form below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Climate Therapy Group.png

Virtual Climate Anxiety Support Group

Do you feel anxious, outraged, or deeply saddened by the climate crisis? Find support among others concerned with the current state of the environment.


When: Tuesdays, June 7-July 26

Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm EST

Where: virtual platform

Cost: $400 for 8 sessions

Eligibility: 18+

*open to residents of AL, AZ, AR, CO, CT, CNMI, DE, DC, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, ME, MD, MN, MO, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NK, NC, OH, OK, PA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, and WV

Themes covered in the support group will include the following: 

  • climate anxiety

  • climate grief

  • coping with an uncertain future

  • hope versus hopelessness

  • meaning making

  • interpersonal impacts of climate change

  • community building

  • values consistent action 

  • and more

Call 443-825-4842 or email for more information. 


*Please note that this is not a therapy group, therefore, it is not eligible for insurance reimbursement*


​Sustainability Initiatives at Towson Therapy Group:

  • Maryland Green Registry member since 2018

  • Recycling and compost accessible to all tenants and clients

  • Use of only energy-efficient LED lightbulbs and energy-saving smart thermostats

  • Use of only 100% post-consumer recycled paper products

  • We offset 100% of our total electricity and natural gas use by purchasing carbon dioxide emissions offsets through a Gold Standard-rated carbon offset program

  • Use of environmentally-safe, non-toxic cleaning products

  • 2021: Planted 10 native trees on our property

  • 2022: Planted native pollinator garden

We are always open to suggestions for ways we can decrease our environmental footprint, so please let us know if you have any ideas!

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